Soulful Travel Experiences that teach you about yourself

Soulful Travel is a way of travel that promotes embodiment. Rather than constantly trying to abandon yourself, I encourage you to travel in a way that promotes wellbeing. Soulful travel is for the person who is interested in truly exploring a place – how can you connect to a place? What can you discover about yourself through local food, culture, and adventure? I encourage you to be fully present in your travels, to connect to each place on a deep, soulful level.

This often means slowing down. This is a lesson that I’m learning each and every day in my own travels and my own spiritual practice. I spent so much of my life trying to be extremely disciplined and efficient, but it has lead to burnout and and extreme exhaustion. Soulful Travel is the antithesis to burnout, rather it’s an invitation to slow down and experience each new destination deep in your bones. Rather than packing in as many things as possible into a trip, ask yourself, “What can I marvel at today?”

Behind the Adventures

Soulful Travel Experiences

I am passionate about soulful travel experiences that rejuvenate the mind and the body. Anyone can search the internet looking for the top things to do in city or county, but it takes a more mindful approach to step outside the norm and discover experiences that enrich the soul.

Soulful Travel looks like finding experiences that slow us down, whether that means trading the night out for an evening at the spa, dropping into a yoga class, wandering a sacred temple, or getting into nature. Soulful travel experiences are always embodied – I’m extremely critical of any wellness that practice that encourages you to abandon the body.

I’ve put together a number soulful travel experiences for your next trip – think about lounging in a Korean bath house, doing a temple stay in Japan, wandering the sacred monkey forest in Ubud. Travel doesn’t have to be an escape from your life, it can be a centering practice.

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