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I’m incredibly excited to share some of my most trusted and cherished travel resources with you! Planning a trip is one thing, but planning a transformative sober vacation that transforms the way you see the world? Well, that’s quite another.

These travel resources will help you elevate your travels from a quick escape to a completely transformative experience. From connecting you to world class retreats, the world’s greatest local guides, or your next sober retreat – I’ve got you covered.

Book your next stay with is my absolute favorite resource for finding incredible places to stay, all over the world. My partner and I have been traveling through Asia full time, and we have used to find and book almost all of our stays. They have a great loyalty program as well, which offers discounted stays, free breakfasts, and enticing travel deals!

Find a yoga retreat that nourishes body and soul

BookYogaRetreats is my top travel resource for discovering nourishing yoga retreats all around the world! It can be difficult to find a yoga retreat that’s authentic, trustworthy, and in your budget. The term “yoga retreat” honestly used to intimidate me more than it excited me, solely because I associated them with an exorbitant cost! BookYogaRetreats will connect you with so many beautiful options for a wide array of budgets. Find your next life changing yoga retreat wherever you’re traveling.

Discover your next epic adventure with a local guide

I firmly believe in travel that transforms. One of the greatest ways to enlighten and enliven your travels is to experience your travel destination with a local! Viator connects travelers with expert local guides all around the globe. Whether you’re looking to meet a local Balinese Medicine Man, get your blood pumping with a canyoneering adventure, or discover the spirituality of a Japanese tea ceremony – your next adventure awaits.

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