Find serenity in Japan’s beautiful landscapes

Japan is an incredible destination with a long lineage of wellness and restoration. There’s so much to nourish yourself with in Japan – world class food, awe inspiring temples, comforting bath houses, and cultural excursions. It’s the perfect place for an embodied, sober vacation and your next adventure.

Visiting Japan is a masterclass in paying attention, as there is so much to delight in. You will be transfixed by the smells of food and temple incense, and dazzled by its stunning natural landscapes. I adore the beautiful dance of nature and modern life in Japan, it’s a destination that I know I’ll come back to again and again. There will always be something true and beautiful to learn from Japan.

Nourish your senses in Japan

Traveling in Japan is a delight to all of the senses. When I think of traveling in Japan, I think of the rich foods that nourish the body and the soul. Steaming bowls of ramen, fresh sushi with crisp ginger, sizzling yaki tori on a charcoal grill, and matcha that warms you from the inside out. The food is also communal – so many meals can be experienced at table top seating where you watch a chef hand-craft your dish. 

Japan also offers deep spiritual nourishment and experiences. There are no shortage of shinto temples with stunning vermillion gates, buddhist temples with earthy incense, and ancient tea ceremonies steeped in ritual. Japan is a beautiful, serene place to engage with spirituality. There is so much wisdom to be discovered inside of Japan’s temples. 

Japanese culture reminds me of Mary Oliver’s famous quote, “attention is the beginning of devotion.” Surely, there is no better place to live into these words than in Japan. If you want a masterclass in paying attention, Japan is the destination for you. The more you sit with yourself, you will discover the pleasures and delights of this life. You will experience them in your whole body – through touch, taste, sound, smell, sight, and spirit.