5 Best Sober Travel Retreats in Bali

If you are worried about maintaining sobriety while traveling, I understand where you’re coming from. Sober Travel can be daunting in the beginning, but there are so many incredible places offering sober retreats and planned trips to support you on your sobriety journey! I’ve been living in Bali for the past two months, and I’m excited to share some of the best sober travel retreats that Bali has to offer in this blog post.

Bali is the perfect destination for the sober traveler, because of its deep spiritual lineage and reverence for the divine. It’s a place that is rooted in spirituality and such a humble ground for self discovery. It is one of my top destinations for sober travelers and the dream location for the sober yogi.

Now, I need to say that while I found some incredible yoga retreats here that do not serve booze, they were not easy to find! There is a major problem in the wellness world with its embracement of booze and drinking culture. I know, because I used to perpetuate it.

I used to be an Amenities Manager at a Commercial Real Estate Firm, and I used to organize these “booze and wellness events” all of the time. I did this because honestly, they pulled in a lot of crowds. That’s often why companies do it, and it’s why companies do anything – consumer demand.

Lex on the Loose is a place where I empower you to step into your truth and live your most authentic life! If we start demanding better from the wellness world, they’ll follow suit because they listen to their consumers!

Let’s start a revolution of intentional, sober travelers who understand that alcohol has no place in the wellness space! I’m so elated to share these world class retreats in Bali that take that mission seriously. Whether you’re looking for your next yoga retreat or a personalized recovery program, Bali offers all you need for a great sober travel retreat!

Sober yoga retreats

Yoga has been an essential practice for my sobriety. It’s an embodiment practice that nurtures self love and emotional regulation. Yoga is the perfect companion to your sober travels and these retreats combine the best of sober travel and centering yoga practice.

I have spent two months living in Bali as a sober yogi. Bali is the absolute perfect destination for the sober yogi looking for an authentic and deep yogic experience. I’m excited to share these incredible, nourishing yoga retreats with you. These are beautiful sober travel retreats in Bali that have yoga at their center. They will help you connect with your highest self and explore your sobriety through a yogic practice.

Firefly Retreat Bali

Firefly Retreat Bali is an incredible retreat for the sober traveler. This retreat is located outside of the hustle and bustle of Ubud, nestled in beautiful rice terraces. I love this retreat because you’ll have the chance to explore all different types of yoga, and there is also a focus on Balinese experiences.

There is no alcohol on the premises, which makes this a perfect place for the sober traveler! In between yoga practices, you can participate in some hands-on classes to enhance your experience. You’ll have the opportunity to take courses such as herbal tonic making, chocolate bar making, and Balinese cooking classes.

I absolutely adore the hands-on food experiences for sober travelers. I also love the focus on yoga and meditation. In addition to yoga classes multiple times per day, you can engage in local Balinese Hindu ceremonies and regular meditation classes. There is a sound healing experience as well as opportunities to visit a local Balinese village.

Firefly Retreat Bali is one of my top recommendations for a sober yoga retreat! You’ll experience the best of Bali – and never have to worry about refusing a drink!

Sunset over Balinese rice paddy and pool
Ready to book your retreat at Firefly Retreat Bali? You're about to embark on such a transformative experience. Let's get you started on this journey. 

Naya Yoga Retreat Center

The Naya Yoga Retreat Center offers a number of different retreats for the awakened traveler. This retreat is more luxurious and focuses on pampering their guests in addition to providing an authentic yogic experience.

The retreat offers daily green juices to nourish your body and soul, as well as Balinese Jamu drinks! Jamu drinks are local elixirs that are focused on healing different ailments and promoting overall health and wellbeing. You’ll nourish yourself with authentic morning yoga practices, nourishing meals form their in-house chef, and relax in a luxury villa in the evenings.

You can pamper yourself with onsite spa services and explore the area with their cultural experiences as well! Whether you are looking for deep relaxation or a sober trip with a hint of adventure, this retreat can provide a tailor-made authentic experience. I love this luxurious option for a sober travel retreat in Bali!

Yoga class at Naya Retreat Center
Does a luxurious retreat sound like medicine to you right now? I'm so elated for you to discover this incredible retreat.  

Balitrees Watukaru Yoga Retreat

I absolutely love the Balitrees Watukaru Yoga Retreat because of its cultural connection to Bali! While most yoga retreats offer you a chance to delve into familiar yoga styles such as Hatha and Vinyasa, this yoga retreat immerses you in Watukaru Yoga – a practice that is distinctively Balinese.

You have a choice to either stay in your own space, or to engage in a beautiful cultural exchange by lodging at a local homestay. This retreat is authentic – you will commune with locals and be immersed in a spiritual village. I strongly believe that the best type of travel is one that embraces with local culture, and experiencing local spirituality in such a holy place will be transformative.

You will take part in multiple Watukaru yoga sessions daily, learning and deepening your yoga practice. There are also daily opportunities to engage in cultural classes and experiences. Some of the highlights are making coconut oil, visiting a local waterfall, and making Balinese Hindu offerings.

This is my ultimate choice for the thoughtful traveler looking for a rich and transformative cultural experience! It’s such a beautiful program and an enriching place for a sober travel retreat in beautiful Bali!

Meditating at Kanto Lampo Waterfall in Bali
Are you a soulful traveler looking for an enriching cultural experience in Bali? Let's get you connected with this incredible retreat. 

The Mindful Life Practice

I discovered Alex and her Mindful Life Practice on instagram, and she has been a beacon of light for me since! Her story is one that I’m so familiar with, as it is so intimately similar to my own. She is a teacher, a world traveler, and embraced sobriety when she was 27.

She now lives in Bali and has an incredible studio that is rooted in sobriety and yoga. She has regular classes always, so if you’re in Bali her studio is worth seeking out! She periodically runs retreats in Bali and also all over the world! She has an online yoga offering as well, so you can join her classes from your living back home or your global travels.

The infusion of yoga and mindful sobriety has completely changed my life, and I love the intention of sharing this fusion with the world! You will be sure to leave her retreats with a deeper understanding of yourself and feeling empowered in your sobriety.

Alex at the Mindful Life Practice Yoga Studio
Are you ready for an intimate experience of yoga and sobriety? Explore the intimacy and life changing practice of sober yoga with a retreat at The Mindful Practice. 

Individual Recovery in Bali

The recovery process is one that is deeply personal, and each person will have a healing process that looks different. This is the importance of Individual Recovery programs. If you are new to sobriety, sober curious, or fearing that you’re on the cusp of a relapse – I completely understand. I also know deeply that taking off on a group retreat may not be of highest good for you and your sobriety at this time.

There are some incredible recover centers that are here to provide professional support for your sobriety and wellbeing. Rather than embarking on a group trip, embracing an individualized recovery program can be life changing.

The Lighthouse Bali

The Lighthouse Bali is a high touch, personalized recovery program. They are known for their “tailor made recovery” which focuses on curating the most impactful recovery for each individual. I’m so empowered by their recovery programs, that are so much more than helping you abstain from alcohol.

In addition to programs that help with alcohol recovery, they also offer programs dealing with drug addiction, depression, anxiety, and trauma. Addiction is always much more complex than using a substance, and The Lighthouse takes this seriously.

I didn’t understand that I had a severe anxiety disorder until I quit drinking. My recovery has been so much about coping with my depression, anxiety, and recovering from trauma. The Lighthouse Bali is a wholistic recovery program and an excellent place to recover in Bali.

Ocean side Balinese temple at sunset
Are you ready to heal deeply? Book your recovery program at The Lighthouse Bali and embrace a wholistic recovery program in Bali.  

Final Thoughts

There really is no “one size fits all” experience when it comes to travel, and the same is true for the sober traveler. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to relax without the pressure to drink, or a more high touch recovery-focused experience, Bali has so much to offer the sober traveler.

One thing that stood out to me while writing this post was how difficult it was! Especially in the yoga community, too many people have embraced the idea that alcohol belongs in wellness. There are so many top rated yoga retreats all over the world, that glorify drinking at the end of the day or push the idea of wellness and alcohol.

I hope to be a positive force for you on your sober journey! This world is so beautiful and vast and stunning…you deserve to embrace wellness that makes you WELL! I’m so excited to share these incredible retreats and recovery centers with you. May you have a blissful, sober travel retreat in Bali that inspires and transforms you.

Smiling in front of Twin Falls waterfall in Bali

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