Embrace authentic travel through cultural wellness

One of my favorite parts of traveling the world is experiencing different healing methods in different countries. I’ve found that each country I’ve visited has a different approach to Wellness. I have been living in and traveling around Asia the past few years, and I’ve been transformed by the cultural wellness practices I’ve learned and participated in. I’ve learned that wellness is so much more than we’ve been told it is in the West – cultural wellness experiences have taught me the deep lineage of body and spiritual connection.

I’m always looking for travel experiences that feel good in my body, and I’m excited to share embodied wellness practices with you here. You can experience a new place through its cultural wellness practices, and I encourage you step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Whether you’re intrigued by a traditional Korean bathhouse, a water purification ceremony in Bali, or getting a Sak Yant tattoo from a monk in Thailand – you’ve come to the right place.

Cultural Wellness has been my life changing discovery

Cultural Wellness is expressed in different mediums around the world. I love landing in a new place and seeking out authentic travel experiences that encourage embodiment and make me feel good. The highlight of my time living and traveling in Asia has been discovering an eastern approach to wellness and rejuvenation.

Self care is a big word in the zeitgeist right now, and it can cause you to feel a warm sense of love and appreciation, but it can also cause a lot of us to roll our eyes. Cultural Wellness experiences in Asia have invited me to step out of the Western paradigm of wellness and to embrace a slower, more grounded and ancient wisdom. 

When you are searching for a cultural wellness experience, I recommend starting with asking yourself some questions. What do I want to learn about myself through this experience? How do I want to feel? Am I looking for a deeper spiritual healing or physical relaxation? This will help you find a cultural wellness practice that feeds your soul.

Cultural Wellness is never just one thing. You don’t need to book an expensive stay at a spa or yoga retreat (although those things are fabulous too)! You can learn about meditative tea ceremonies in Japan, visit a Korean bath house for a day, or engage in a Balinese healing ceremony.

I encourage you to seek out both embodied practices and spiritual experiences. Embodied practices can look like a yoga asana practice, movement mediation, or spa treatments. Spiritual cultural wellness can look like meeting a medicine man in Bali or learning seated meditation. In my opinion, the most transformative cultural wellness experiences embrace both the mind and the body.