Pushing the limits – the mental and physical benefits of adventure travel

I seek out thrilling adventures in every new place I travel to! Adventure Travel has been the secret sauce to traveling as a sober person. I used to spend my travels in booze infused chaos, now I spend them seeking outdoor adventures that nourish my body and soul. Adventure travel doesn’t have to be just for dare devils and thrill seekers – it can be visiting a new museum, booking a cultural experience, or staying at a homestay instead of a hotel. The mission is to experience something new that involves moving your body and embracing an adventure that entices you.

Adventure travel will inspire you to move your body in new and creative ways while you are traveling. Adventure travel experiences have helped me find so much joy in movement! The mental health benefits are transformative as well – you’ll notice a change in your mood and ability to handle stress. Did I mention adventure travel experiences are fun? 

I have lived abroad for 2 years and am now traveling through Asia full time. It’s been the experience of a lifetime, and my days have been filled with all sorts of new adventure travels! I’m excited to share my adventures with you and inspire you to think outside of the box on your next trip. Adventure travel is an embodied practice that gets your body moving and your heart pumping! I’m positive you will find the adventure travel experience that lights up your soul.

Adventure travel that’s embodied

Adventure Travel is an incredible embodiment practice. I find that whenever I’m experiencing anxiety, depression, drinking triggers, or body dysmorphia, I’m not embodied. It’s not a cure all by any means, but embodiment practices are essential for keeping me grounded and keeping me in the light. 

Yoga and Meditation are deep embodiment practices that calm my nervous system, while adventure travel is exciting and gets my blood pumping! I find that physical adventures not only give you a sense of wonder and exhilaration, but they make you feel radiantly alive. I’m never more grateful for my body than when I’m hiking mountains, diving with sea turtles, or canyoneering waterfalls. You build a deep sense of gratitude and learn to practice presence. 

We live in a society that benefits from all people being disembodied. But dropping back into your body can be a daunting and “heady” task. When pursuing embodiment, I encourage you to find activities that bring you joy! Adventure travel lights me up and brings me an incomparable amount of joy. The best thing is – adventure travel does not have to be the scariest, craziest stunt either!

Adventure travel can be as wild as sky diving and as easy as going for a long walk on the beach. It can be a rigorous hike to the top of a mountain and it can be a beautiful cable car ride up to a peak. Adventure travel can look like hopping on a food tour and exploring a new city through its food, or it can be diving into a waterfall. The options for adventure travel are endless, and they will look exactly like you!

When picking your next adventure travel experience I invite you to find something that feels good. What lights you up with a sense of wonder? Is it a sunrise hike up a volcano in Bali, canyoneering waterfalls in the Philippines, or jungle trekking in Borneo? I’m excited to introduce you to my favorite adventure travel sites around the world.