Hi, I’m Lexie. Welcome to Lex on the Loose, my community for sober yogis and thoughtful travelers looking for more out of their adventures.

Lex on the Loose symbolizes a way of freedom – freedom from a former way of living and freedom to explore your deepest desires. When you think of something being “cut loose” you immediately envision a joyful release. I hope Lex on the Loose is a place where you can discover your next soulful adventure and embrace travel that transforms.

Two years ago, I Lexie, came to the realization that my drinking was on of my greatest bondages. It became clear to me that my drinking was ruining my life and keeping me extremely depressed, it was the ultimate freedom to give it up and embrace a full, sober life. With this experience, I’ve decided to create an intentional community of sober yogis and mindful travelers that embrace soulful travel over escapism.

At Lex on the Loose, you’ll find soulful travel guides that connect you to meaningful cultural experiences, tools to plan your first sober getaway, and resources that will help you embrace total wellbeing on your travels. I believe in soulful travel that nourishes the body and transforms the way you see the world.

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You deserve to travel the world as your most authentic self

Lex on the Loose was born of my personal struggles and triumphs traveling the world as a sober yogi. It became clear in 2021 that my drinking had gotten out of control, however, sobriety felt like a death sentence. My entire world was built around food and wine, meeting other travelers in bars in foreign cities, and exploring the night life of each new destination. I had absolutely no idea who I was without alcohol, but also had the knowing in my gut that I had to figure that out.

Traveling in sobriety intimidated me – how was I supposed to fully enjoy myself, connect with other travelers, and connect with locals? At first, it was rough. I didn’t know how to explain my sobriety to people and I felt clunky refusing drinks. But all that awkwardness and fear gave way to the most clear, beautiful life.

I found a way to build meaningful relationships over food, adventure, and wellness rather than parties and booze. I’ve embraced morning yoga classes and friend dates with coffee, rather than happy hours and drink deals. I’ve embraced my sobriety as a superpower to share with the world, rather than something I need to apologize for or be ashamed of.

Once I stepped away from what society expected of me, I discovered my truest self. I live with integrity and honor my deepest desires. When I’m uncomfortable, I tune in and make changes in my life, rather than drink the unpleasant feelings away. I seek out adventures that move my body and make me feel good, rather than trying to constantly escape my body and experience.

The goal isn’t just to stay sober, the goal is to build a life that you don’t have to escape from. Lex on the Loose is the passionate pursuit of a life that is worth staying in.